Second Photographer

Second photographers allow for both the Bride and Groom's preparations to be photographed

Fantastic for the ceremony to get reactions of both the Bride and Groom

More informal and candid shots can be taken of the guests when the Formal Photographs and one to one shots of the Bride and Groom are being taken

£150 - 2 hours photography to cover the Groom's preparations

£300 - 4 hours photography to cover the Groom's preparations, the ceremony and the formal family shots

£450 -6 hours photography to cover the Grooms preparations, the wedding ceremony and the formal family shots, one to one shots, guest shots and reception entrance

Wedding Albums

Gone are the days of having a huge brick of a Wedding Album filled with 30 or so pages of formal shots that cost a fortune and is currently gathering dust in your parents attic. Today the style is much more contemporary with many clients wanting a 'coffee table magazine style album'.

We do not supply wedding albums as part of our packages having taken the decision to separate the cost of Photography and the cost of Wedding Albums. We do this because lots of couples want to control costs and have the option of creating a Wedding Album after they have seen the images.

We offer various styles of album for you to purchase all designed exclusively by us.  There are a wide variety of covers, finishes and numbers of pages.  As a guide an album will cost between £400 - £600. There are also replica memento albums available to allow parents to have a copy. These are a smaller size than the main album and only an additional £100 for two.

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Wedding Photo Booth

Why not add a bit of extra fun to your wedding day by adding the 'Photobooth' - We set up lights, a black backdrop and have a box of party props for dressing up. Once all the serious photos have been taken why not have some fun ones too