Family Portraits

Most families at some time or other wish they had a family portrait. Whether your children are still growing up or about to leave home, maybe they have left the nest and have families of their own, a family portrait is a way of keeping them together, for all time.

Don’t worry if you feel, like many people, that you don’t “take a good photograph”. In the relaxed atmosphere of the studio, Tex will make you look and feel comfortable. Also he will use a few tricks of the trade to make you look just great.

Our aim is to create an image that will become a treasured family “heirloom” and blend in beautifully with your home. The portrait we create for you will be a true reflection of your family’s likeness and personality – and just as your home is a haven for your family’s treasured memories, portraits can help you remember the special times in the life of your family.

Anywhere you display them, you add a special warmth and charm. They contribute their own unique personality to any part of your home.

Don’t forget the family pet, they are very much a part of many families too, and are welcome at the studio. It’s amazing how quickly that bouncy puppy becomes a sedate older dog.

The Studio Session …

Your photography session will be a fun, relaxed and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. You can expect to be with us for around an hour, some sessions can be quicker and some take a little longer.But one thing is for sure, we don’t stop until we know we’ve got those fantastic memories captured!

It can take little ones (and some adults) a little while to settle in to the studio environment and the last thing we want is a tight time schedule to result in having to rush. We want you to have plenty time to relax, to chat with us about any specific ideas you may have to make your session unique and to enjoy the whole experience.

Feel free to bring any changes of outfits, we have full changing facilities at the studio.

Viewing your Portraits …

At the end of your portrait session we make an appointment for you to come back to view your portraits, this is approximately a week after. We project them for you to see in our viewing room, we are able to show you your portraits at the actual size that you would like to purchase , so whether you would like one framed feature image or a gallery of images we can show you the full range of options available

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